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The Drinker’s Guide to the Valley explores the Rio Grande Valley and beyond to provide South Texas natives and visitors alike with with an insiders guide to what’s bubbling in our small world– whether that’s what’s new in the beer, wine, and booze industry that’s worth checking out or gulping down… or what exquisite morsels you should fill your belly with at the many fantastic eateries around town (or in bigger cities). We do our best to keep track of the best happy hour offerings and special events in McAllen and surrounding areas.

For the Love of the Craft

From how it's made to what to make with it 

We’ve got a lot to talk about– from what various elixirs are made from and how, to what to make with them and how to better enjoy them; not to mention, the people pursuing the careers and working tirelessly while pioneering some of the best establishments in their corresponding areas are just as fascinating. Here, you’ll find a compilation of recipes, tutorials, recommendations, and (you guessed it) guides that cover a wide range of food and beverages, as well as special interviews and inside looks to what goes on behind the scenes (more specifically, bars or kitchens).

Small/Big World

home is where the wi-fi is

Every now and then, we’ll take this show on the road and share our adventures outside the gigantic state of Texas. We’ll explore bigger cities (or other random places) where trying out highly-recommended destinations for food and drinks is usually part of the itinerary. We not only hope these shared experiences can be found useful if you ever find yourselves in one of these areas, but that they serve to inspire our own local establishments to try something a little different– whether that be harder-to-acquire ingredients or products or organizing fun shindigs.

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Mars is the not-so-mastermind behind the Guide. She’s got one heck of an appetite for nice things and enjoys sharing her experiences with the not-so-small world wide web. When it comes to favorites, she’ll opt for scotchy, scotch, scotch, a bold red wine, a brown ale, or an open bar. When it comes to food, she’s still got vegetarian tendencies, but is exploring the more carnivorous ways of life now. She’s in her late 20’s, hoping to explore half the world before her next quarter-life crisis, and forever learning how to better juggle her responsibilities and level up her hobbies. If you recognize her while out and about, buy her a drink (whether it’s caffeine-laced or good spirits) and let her know you’ve been reading! Bonus points if you share that when you’re reading her rants, you can totally hear her voice narrating it in your brain.

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Whether you are currently working in the industry, representing it, or just wish you were a part of it, there’s loads to talk about (and taste-test) when it comes to our preferred poison. If you’re interested in reviewing products or places, showcasing your skills, experimenting with recipes or techniques, or simply lending us your palate, let us know!

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Know something we don’t? Did you spot something in need of a correction? Get in touch with us! Tell us more about what you like and what you’d like to see more of; we’d love to hear it! Feel free to give us a virtual/long-distance pat on the back using the contact form below, or more traditional email (info@drinkersguidetothevalley.com).